The advertising program engages students from Year 6 – Year 12 in the world of advertising and media and communications.

Based on the Gruen Transfer, the program allows students to work in teams to create an advertisement and a corresponding pitch that they present to the class at the end of the program.

Students are given an ‘unsellable’; a product or policy that is difficult to sell. Using advertising theory acquired in the first sessions, students strive to create a presentation that would sway an investor to fund their project – just as it would happen in the real world.

The program engages students’:

  • creativity
  • imagination
  • critical thinking

It aims to break down the barriers to tertiary education and the stereotypes about choosing a career in the creative industries.

Please visit our page on the QUT website if you’re interested in studying media and communication at tertiary level.


What students say:

“I think that you will have a better future and a solid chance at a successful job with a commitment to study at university.”

“They were nice, very smart, helpful and awesome and it was very fun!”

“I learnt how to use all this technology properly – as well as what I can learn at QUT.”

“I learnt that hard work can pay off but if you want to succeed in life you have to do the hard yards.”


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