Creative Writing

creative writing students

The creative writing program offers students from Year 6 – Year 12 the opportunity to engage creatively with writing and learn to express themselves through written communication.

The program focuses on storytelling and the fundamental skills of written communication.

Students will develop:

  • creativity
  • imagination
  • writing skills
  • drawing skills

Most importantly our creative writing workshops give students the ability to demonstrate the significance of written expression through the innovative use of language.

Please visit our page on the QUT website if you’re interested in studying creative writing at tertiary level.

graphic novel writing example. boy at desk saying "What have I gotten myself into..."

Graphic Novel Writing

One of our most popular creative writing activities is Graphic Novel Writing.

Students adapt and develop their own stories in drawings, photos or cut-outs so that they learn:

  • About the graphic novel genre and where it can be used
  • Skills in character and narrative development
  • About jobs and opportunities where creative writing is

This program can easily be adapted to in-class assessment and units particularly novel studies and classic literature.


Slam Poetry

From 2015, Slam Poetry will be available for bookings! Students draw from popular slam poets and conceptual art before writing and performing a work of slam poetry that explores a contemporary issue or debate.

Relevant to students taking English, Drama, Social Studies, History, and Visual Art.

Teachers are invited to advise on themes and issues.

Slam Poetry will be available all year for Year 6 – Year 12, and can be delivered as an after school program.


INTERESTED? We’d love to come and present one of our programs to your class. For more information about programs, availability and to make bookings, contact us today!