Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling Program offers Year 6 – Year 12 students the opportunity to work with and create their own digital story. Digital storytelling is a powerful means for enabling communication and social participation, and can also be used to introduce students to the genre of documentaries.


What is a Digital Story?

digital storytelling student
A digital story usually:

  • Combines:
    • 15-30 still images
    • recorded script of 100-250 words
  • Creates: an original personal digital story in the form of a 2-3 minute digital video.

This form of co-creative media takes advantage of newly accessible technologies but is based in the ancient and universal tradition of storytelling. This program offers students the ability and the creative means to write and share their own stories.

Students will develop:

  • creativity
  • storytelling skills
  • technological skills
  • self-confidence

And at the same time gain empowerment and exposure to the Creative Industries.

Please visit our page on the QUT website if you’re interested in studying media and communication at tertiary level.


What students say:

“I learnt about the creative process, how to make a digital story, and how to use videos and movie maker.”

“I like that no one gets judged.”

“I learnt how to put pictures and images together and make story, uni is more fun than I thought!”

“It was fun and it helped me work with others and I learnt so much about the program.”

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