The Drama Theatre & Performing Studies program offers Year 6 – Year 12 students the opportunity to build their awareness of arts practices, arts career choices, and how CIF staff and students have benefitted from pursuing personal, study or professional interests in drama, dance, music or other live performing arts practices.


Singing! Be the VoiceStudents build:

  • new language
  • storytelling skills
  • creativity
  • capacity
  • confidence

And to break down stereotypes about:

  • people
  • people in the arts
  • people pursuing further study or professional opportunities in this area

Please visit our page on the QUT website if you’re interested in studying drama at tertiary level.


What students say:

“I learnt not to always be negative, keep an important message for yourself, be calm and enjoy life”

“I learnt not to put anyone down, if you fail do it again and learnt how to act better.”

“It is a really great program because we always learn something new each week and see that its a big world and you have big futures ahead of you.”

“I learnt how to relax, don’t put anyone down for what they do and how to work together.”


INTERESTED? We’d love to come and present one of our programs to your class. For more information about programs, availability and to make bookings, contact us today!