Digital Image and Video Making

Visual Arts

Contemporary art is an increasingly global field of employment, with rapidly evolving career opportunities in a range of roles, including: artists, curators, writers, exhibition designers, public program and education officers, researchers, art dealers and agents, as well as gallery and museum directors and managers.

The digital image, both still and moving, is a vital component of contemporary visual art.

This series of workshops:

  • Introduces students to the fundamentals of image making as a creative art process using the digital tools of Adobe Lightroom and iMovie.
  • Is designed to complement the National Curriculum requirements for the Arts, and encourages students to discover what makes an art image or video unique, and how to think like an artist or curator when making and displaying images.
  • Students create an independent work using digital media.
  • Asks: how is moving image contemporary art different to films, documentaries and advertisements? How do artists look at the history of video and the moving image and respond in creative ways?
  • Students’ work is brought together as a screen-based exhibition using the iPads supplied, television monitors or electronic whiteboards as available. Students are taken through the introductory principles of curation and exhibition design.

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